Magdalena i Marek Majewscy Szkółka Roślin Wrzosowatych

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The nursery has existed since 1992, with each year seeing an increase in the production and variety of plants.We gained our professional expertise through working at the family nursery of Lucjan and Grzegorz Kurowski.To avoid not being in competition with them, we decided to look for an area that we could specialize in ourselves; and so we decided to concentrate on the production of different varieties of Heathers.We began with under 1hectar, in which we were produced heathers. To this day, it has increased to nearly 2.5hectars and makes up 50% of our production.We have increased our selection to include many varieties: Rhododendrons, Azaleas, Japanese Azaleas, and many different lesser well-known plants from this family (kalmia, pieris, andromeda, gaultheria, and crowberry) and many more.The total area of our nursery is composed of nearly 8 hectares, from which almost 5 hectares is being used in the production of plants for sale, the rest being used for young plants.Our nursery is a member of The Group of Polish Azalea Growers, whose common aims, is to promote and popularize Azaleas and Japanese Azaleas (Look are agents of Mr. Kurt Kramera -Edewecht (Germany), who specializes in the cultivation of Buddy Heather’s: known in Europe under the name of the “Garden Girls”.

Do you love plants and gardens? Take a look at our heather garden, full of vivid colours varying across seasons, and use it as inspiration.

Magda i Marek Majewscy